Balticman — International Ultratriathlon competition.


BalticMan SiS Ultra Triathlon is an endurance competition on the Baltic Sea shore in Saint Petersburg.
Our goal is to create the story about your challenge.
Your challenge is to participate in this competition.

Three race days. Three sport disciplines. Three ways of participating.


Swimming through the city center under the famous Saint Petersburg bridges. Cycling in Leningrad region from Neva River to Lake Ladoga. Running from Lake Ladoga to Krestovsky Island in Saint Petersburg.


24 August 2021


Distance: 28 km

Time limit: 8 hours

Start: Saint Petersburg, yacht club “Vostochniy”

Finish: Saint Petersburg, Yakhtenniy bridge


Distance: 200 km

Time limit: 10 hours

Start: Saint Petersburg, Yakhtenniy bridge

Finish: Leningrad region, Primorsk city


25 August 2021


Distance: 300 km

Time limit: 15 hours

Start: Leningrad region, Primorsk city

Finish: Leningrad region, village Lake Ladoga, Osinovetsky lighthouse


26 August 2021


Distance: 100 km

Time limit: 15 hours

Start: Leningrad region, village Lake Ladoga, Osinovetsky lighthouse

Finish: Saint Petersburg, Krestovsky Island


Glory hall

Evgenii Drozdovskiy

In 2020 Evgenii participated in the longest Ultratriathlon competition: 25 kilometres swimming in Neva River, 500 kilometres cycling in Leningrad region and 100 kilometres running in Saint Petersburg. Before he made 5000 parachute jumps, participated in different endurance competitions, many times finished Ironman distances and not going to stop.

“All the limitations are in your head”

Евгений Дроздовский


Artem Shevchuk

Art director

Businessman, traveler, writer. Triathlete. Founder and inspirer of the I Love Supersport sports school in St. Petersburg.

Evgenii Drozdovskii

Project director

Sportsman-triathlete, member of the St. Petersburg national team in Parachute-Athletic All-Around, participant of the "Athlete for Good" project, one of the organizers of the international series of open water swims X-WATERS World Championship. Family man. Businessman.

Maria Paisina


Swimmer, freediver and adventure lover.
Marketer with 20 years of experience in promoting companies to the #1 position.

Ivan Garbuz

Social Networks

Amateur athlete. Marathon runner, triathlete. Co-founder of the project

Alexander Skryvlya

Project Voice

Commentator and host of sports events. The organizer of a unique atmosphere. Triathlete

Nika Chernikova


Ambassador of a FHL. Runner, swimmer, player on the pipe.

Sergey Vasenin

Master of style

Sport. Rugby. Creation.

Vladimir Shkolny

Technical support

A technical consultant, a pioneer of the I Love Supersport St. Petersburg project, a swimmer, a runner and a road racer, a cook and pastry chef by education, but in his heart he prepares IT projects.

Egor Drozdovskii

Web developer

Web developer. Programmer. Founder of Function Dev.

Nadezhda Drozdovskaia

Ultra wife

Support, faith, inspiration, acceptance and understanding.

Valentina Savvateeva

Ambassador BRIDGES

Ultra-swimmer. Master of stretching people and their capabilities. Inspirer and mood generator.


Partner manager

We are looking for someone who is ready to become stronger with us and go where no one has ever been. We are waiting for your resume

Sergey Maskov

Ambassador 628

Master of Sports in Sports. Perpetuum mobile and the best carbon-neutral motor in Russia

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